2017 Assembly of God General Council Meeting – Videos on PENews.org

General Council is the biennial meeting of the Assemblies of God, delivered at the 2017 council in Anaheim, California. Below, are links to messages on PENews – the official news source of the Assemblies of God

“The more you pray, the bigger you dream; the bigger you dream, the more you have to pray.” Batterson, on Monday evening, was surprised with the fellowship’s Young Influencer Award.
Click here for Batterson's message, part of the Influence Conference.
Kendall and Starla Bridges shared how God restored their marriage and ministry “against all odds” following infidelity.
Click here for the Bridges' message, part of 8/11 Memorial Service
The focus of Foth’s message was for each person to share their story with others (their neighbors). He observed that when believers tell their story, they also end up telling Jesus’ story, at the point He intersects their lives.
Foth, on Monday evening, was presented with the fellowship’s Lifetime Influencer Award.
Click here for Foth's message, part of 2017 Influence Conference
"You are not invisible to God!" was the focus of Jason Frenn's message (translated by Dan Campbell).
Click here to hear Jason Frenn's message
Rob Ketterling, a Minnesota Pastor, urged leaders struggling with a “back row” (divisive) mentality to move to the “front row” by bringing their gifts, talents, team, and treasure to those in authority over them, apologize, and then join in being part of solutions.
Click here for Ketterling's message, part of the 2017 Influence Conference
Bryan Koch, whose professional baseball career ended with a 90-mph fastball that blinded his left eye, was later called to ministry. In 2015, an accident caused by a drunk driver, caused him to lose his wife of 28 years and his left leg.
Click here for Koch's message, part of the 8/11 Memorial Service
Zollie Smith (Retiring US Missions Director) and Greg Mundis (World Missions Director) challenged attendees to embrace and evangelize refugees and the persecuted church.
Click here for link to 2017 General Council Missions Service
Robert Morris: “The subject of the Bible is God . . . the verb that describes the Bible is giving. What if God just loved, but had not given — did not give Christ to die for our sins? We are the most like God when we give.” 
Click here for Robert Morris' message
Samuel Rodriguez: “Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. Truth must not be sacrificed on the altar of expediency.” Rodriguez, in January, was first AG minister (and first Hispanic) to pray at a presidential inauguration.
Click here for Rodriguez' message
Priscilla Shirer exhorted listeners not to waste the treasures and talents with which God has entrusted them.
Click here for Priscilla Shirer's message
Assemblies of God outgoing General Superintendent Dr. George O. Wood opened the Council with the inspiring message, “WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT!”
Click here for Dr. Wood's message