Most of us are familiar with the story of Moses at the burning bush. If you would like to review the facts, read Exodus chapters 3 & 4. As we review each part of that experience you will see an overview and an assignment.

As the story unfolds, Moses was tending his sheep as he had every day for 40 years. There is nothing in the Biblical record to show that Moses had any reason to believe that day was going to be different than any other day. Then, suddenly God got his attention with a bush that was burning but not being consumed by the fire. When God got his attention He spoke clearly to him letting him know he was on holy ground. Assignment: describe a time when you felt an overwhelming urge to draw closer to the Lord.

In 3:7-9, God assured Moses He was concerned about the sufferings His people were enduring. Assignment: take a minute to write the name of a person you know who is going through a particularly tough season, especially someone living in the bondage to sin.

In 3:10, God told Moses to go and lead the Israelites out of Egypt. It is not enough for you to just wish your friend had a better life. Assignment: Let your friend know you are praying for them, and share a Biblical promise that will bring them encouragement. Think of a practical way you can help your friend through this tough time.

In 3:13-14, God told Moses the message he was to take to the people in bondage. First, he was to introduce himself as a representative of Almighty God (hint – One with more authority than Pharaoh holding the Israelites captive). Then, tell the people that God has been watching over them whether they realized it or not, and that He had something very exciting in store for them. Assignment: remind yourself that when you work to draw someone closer to the Lord, you are working as an emissary of Almighty God Himself. Then, present that name to the Lord in prayer and boldly claim their spiritual freedom.

In 3:14 through 4:17, God told Moses he was not going into this assignment alone; his brother Aaron would be with him (4:1-17) and more importantly God promised to be with Him (3:12). Assignment: remind yourself that you are not on this assignment alone. God has promised to be with you, and other people are in position to help.