Genesis 13 is a great text to consult when you are facing an important decision. Abraham and his nephew Lot had prospered to the point the land could no longer support them together, so they made a decision to part ways. As the elder, Abraham had the right to decide where wanted to live and order Lot to go in another direction, but he deferred to Lot’s choice of where to move. Verse 10 states Lot was drawn to the lush farming land near the Jordan River. Apparently not giving any thought to the decision

Lot did not give thought to the effect that decision would have on his family. He moved near Sodom, a community known as spiritually bankrupt, while Abraham remained in the area where God originally had directed him to live. A short time later, Abraham had to put himself and his household at risk to rescue Lot from danger. In a general sense, Lot got himself in trouble because he relied on what he saw, while Abraham remained blessed because he relied on what he knew God had already said.

When your business thrives, tough decision must be made. The easy part is deciding something must be done, the tough part is putting together a strategy to make the plan work.   We only need to look at the decision to shut down our country and economy in response to the pandemic as an example. Shutting everything down was the easy part, but managing the effects of that decision have been problematic. This is not a commentary on the merits of shutting down our country; I have my opinion and I am sure you do as well. I am merely illustrating that prayer and care that must be invested for important decisions.

There are successful Christian businessmen and women no doubt could add to what I have to say, but let me offer these suggestions we glean from Lot.

  • How does the decision fit into the overall plan of what you know God has called you to do?
  • Are you feeling pressured to make a decision quickly? Take as much time as you can in making this decision, knowing the will of God is usually verified over time. If your sense of peace grows over time, you may have your answer. If your peace wanes over time, it is probably the Holy Spirit telling you to slow down and go in a different direction.
  • Will this decision require you to compromise your character or values in any way?
  • Identify you safety net. Who is helping you pray about this decision? To whom are you accountable and who has the right to express their concerns about the decision you are facing?
  • How will this decision potentially impact your family in the long term? If you are married, are you and your spouse in agreement on the plan? If not, why?

Proverbs 19:21 There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the LORD’S counsel–that will stand.