Two sets of proposed plans (conceptual drawings) have been prepared by Lee Architects with rough estimates for construction in today’s market. One plan envisions a 300-seat sanctuary on the vacant section of our property to the north of our current facility (“the field”). This proposal is a two-story, 12,660-square-foot structure that incorporates additional office space, classrooms and an unfinished basement that could later be completed for fellowship and other purposes. The estimated cost for this addition is $3million.

Links to conceptual drawings:
Two-story addition on north field
One-story addition on current parking lot   Preliminary floor plan

Believing this project to be significantly beyond our reach presently, Pastor Brummett and the Board of Deacons requested an alternate set of plans that would utilize what is now the west parking lot for a one-story structure (enlarged lobby, restrooms, a 300-seat sanctuary and new parking lot on the north field). Cost estimate is $1.5million. These drawings for this one-story, 5,642-square-foot addition were part of our discussion at the annual business meeting in January of this year.

Either of these options (the two-story addition that was first proposed or the one-story addition most recently under consideration) are beyond our current resources but still a part of our vision for the congregation and community! So how do we get thereThe Board of Deacons has set a FIRST GOAL of growing the building fund to $300,000—hopefully within two years.

When that target is reached, the board will bring to the congregation a recommendation for “next steps.” Together, we will assess attendance, current need and financial health (i.e. cash reserves, sustained giving trends to support a monthly mortgage, etc.).

These next steps could involve either of the designs previously mentioned or it could involve relocation. What we know is that any options for expansion are expensive, and we want to begin planning and saving NOW for the opportunities that God will give us in the future!

Meanwhile, we will commit ourselves to growing the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship. We will be flexible in our schedule and facility usage, adding services as needed to accommodate growth. We will continue helping the needy through our benevolence fund, whenever possible, and supporting missionaries reaching the lost around the world. Most of all we will PRAY that God will help us recognize and seize every opportunity to make Him known to our neighbors.