Joshua 1:11 (ESV) “Pass through the midst of the camp and command the people, ‘Prepare your provisions, for within three days you are to pass over this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land that the LORD your God is giving you to possess.’”

Joshua and the Jewish people were on the cusp of entering the Promised Land. For decades, the people had held to the promise that God was going to give them the land. From where they were camped, they could look across the Jordan River and see Canaan.

Joshua acted responsibly by sending two spies into Canaan and having them return with a report on what the people could expect. The spies fulfilled their assignment and returned and in less than a week the people miraculously crossed the Jordan River. It is an incredible story you can read for yourself in Joshua chapters 1-3.

The Jews didn’t just enter the Promised Land, they eventually possessed it. In so doing, they demonstrated faith that God had spoken clearly to leaders like Moses and Joshua, trust in God’s commitment to honor His promises, and obedience to His instructions.

Possessing the promises of God still require us to demonstrate faith, trust and obedience. In fact we will never experience anything significant for the Lord without them. Challenges are opportunities. Opportunities for us to demonstrate faith, trust and obedience. Opportunities for God to do what only He can do.

On most Sunday mornings at our church we recite our conviction that “the promises of God’s Word belong to us” and “what God has done before He is going again…”

Let’s sing: “On every hand the foe we find drawn up in dread array; let tents of ease be left behind, and onward to the fray. Salvation’s helmet on each head, with truth all girt about. The earth shall tremble ‘neath our tread and each with our shout. Faith is the victory! Faith is the victory! Oh, glorious victory that overcomes the world.”