I read an interesting question in our adult Sunday school curriculum: “Is there a link between faith and courage?”  (To what extent will trust in God’s Word impact my choosing the difficult path over the easy path?)   It is a great question.

 I think of faith as absolute trust in God, a conscious decision to trust God’s commitment to extend His inexhaustible resources into our circumstances. 

Consider the example of Abraham.  In Genesis 12 he chose to obey God’s instruction to leave the land and people he was familiar with and move his family to a land he had never seen.  Abraham acted because he trusted God.  In chapter 13, we read where Abraham and his nephew Lot had prospered greatly in the form of livestock.  Both men agreed their prosperity required they go their separate ways. 

Extending deference to his nephew, Abraham allowed Lot to choose where he would move.  Lot made his decision based on what appealed to his eyes, while Abraham relied on the guidance and provision from the Lord.  Lot trusted what he saw while Abraham trusted what He knew.  As it turned out, Abraham made the better decision. 

True faith in God will inevitably stretch us to a place that requires more than our resources or understanding.  Like many of you, I can testify my faith in God has guided and sustained me in the most trying of seasons of my past, and I have full confidence will guide and sustain me in my future.  If my faith in God does not lead me to trust Him in the challenges of life, then my faith is not in him but in me.  Frankly, I think I am better off trusting Him. 

Galatians 3:9 “So those who rely on faith are blessing along with Abraham, the man of faith.”

Let’s sing: “I know that He safely will carry me through no matter what evils betide.  Why should I then care though the tempest may blow, if Jesus walks close to my side?  Living by faith in Jesus above, trusting, confiding in His great love.  From all harm safe in His sheltering arm, I’m living by faith and feel no alarm.” (LIVING BY FAITH, by James Wells & R.E. Winsett)