The “COVID CLEANOUT” – the closet cleaning and office reorganization that has been the positive side effect of coronavirus – has, for me, unearthed a pastoral greeting from our long-time friend and mentor, Pastor Bobby Wilson. He titled it “The Overcomer’s Inch”, and it is just too good to not share. In a spiritual sense, the COVID Cleanout may have unearthed for us all some things we want to tackle in the days ahead, so receive this encouragement to persevere.

The Overcomer’s Inch

There is no future for the person who does not overcome. Jesus said, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). What is your struggle? Have you identified it? Are you willing to face it?

Well, overcoming is not for wimps, nor is it reserved for heroes. It is the journey to our desired destination. Some think overcoming is a giant leap. It is not, it is going one more inch in the right direction. We cannot overcome the foe without until we conquer the fear within. Overcoming is not a seasonal challenge – it is a daily challenge. Win the minute, you can win the hour, the day, the year – the future.

The living sacrifice of Romans 12:1 is the key to discovering and living in God’s will. Everything goes when we sacrifice. It is not natural to our carnal mind or manners. It echoes to the call “Deny yourself and follow Me” that Jesus put out there for all who will overcome. The 12th chapter of Romans ends with these words, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. This can only be accomplished by the inch – one good choice at a time.

As Pastor Bobby would say, “Plod on!”